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This Week In Stupid Things the Titans Say

The Titans are 1-3 and the players are losing their minds.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

I am constantly surprised by things that NFL players say. Two Titans players have taken it upon themselves to say really stupid things since yesterday's loss to the Titans. The first came from Leroy Harris when he said that J.J. Watt isn't anything special, and that he locked him down except for the two sack he gave up.

Hey Leroy- You didn't "lock anyone down" when you allowed two sacks. Also, I am going to do a film review on Leroy's play when the all-22 comes out later this week to see just how Harris did against Watt for the rest of the game. My guess is that it wasn't very good.

The second dumb thing came from Chris Johnson when he told Jim Wyatt that he is going to be as good as his offensive line is.

Hey Chris- It is true that your offensive line hasn't done you any favors, but you have done your fair share of missing holes that are there. Also, it is probably not a good idea to throw your offensive line under the bus.*

*I realize that CJ wasn't throwing the line under the bus this time, but he was saying that he is good when they are good. Isn't the inverse of that true?....meaning that he is only bad because they are bad?