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Titans vs. Texans Offensive Snap Report

A look at how many snaps each offensive player played against the Titans.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

Offensive line: The only offensive lineman that did not play all 62 snaps was Steve Hutchinson. I don't remember Hutchinson getting hurt, so I assume they sat him down at the end of the game to give him some rest (I stopped watching the game after the Owen Dainels TD). It might have done David Stewart some good to find himself on the bench after committing what seemed like 10 personal fouls.

Tight end: Craig Stevens led the tight ends with 39 snaps played (63%). Jared Cook was in on 24 and Taylor Thompson 18. Cook's low snap total was probably due to his shoulder injury. A good recipe would be more Cook and less Thompson.

Running back: Chris Johnson was in on 49 of the 62 plays. It was good to see Javon Ringer back on the field for 9 snaps after battling the elbow infection. Darius Reynaud played 3 snaps, and Quinn Johnson played 7. Good thing we have that guy on the roster.

Wide receiver: Nate Washington played 58 snaps to lead the receivers. Kendall Wright played 53 snaps and had 50 drops. Damian Williams played 42 and Lavelle Hawkins played 8. It sure would be nice to have Kenny Britt's name on that list.