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Alabama vs. LSU National Championship Open Thread

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Trevor won't admit it, but he is really nervous about this one. Deep down in his heart, he is afraid of what happens when Nick Saban gets more than six weeks to prepare for a game. Again, he won't admit that, but it is the truth.

This should be a great football game. If you don't like defense, then don't bother turning this one on, but keep in mind that all the SEC does is win National Championships. If you don't like the style, find a way to beat it. You would be ahead of the rest of the conferences in the country if you can figure that out.

The first game looked a lot like the Ravens vs. Titans game from the 2000 playoffs. Alabama move the ball up and down the field but could not score. Here's to hoping they can capitalize on those opportunities tonight.

Discuss the game below.