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What We Learned From Wild Card Weekend

It was a good weekend of football, even if there was really only one close game. There was one really important lesson we should have learned: Never say that it doesn't matter if the team gets in the playoffs or not because they won't win a game if they do. The Broncos just blew that theory out of the water. There is no way they should have won that football game after falling apart down the stretch of the regular season and facing one of the best defensive coordinators in NFL history with a quarterback who cannot throw- but they did.

We also learned that the Texans are going to be a legitimately good team for the next few years unless Wade Phillips gets a head coach job (the Bucs are reportedly interviewing him this week) I hate the Texans with all of my being, but what they have done this season is nothing short of amazing.

Who in the world are we supposed to cheer for in a game between the Texans and Ravens?