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Falcons vs. Giants Open Game Thread

This should be a good one. I expect the Falcons to try and establish Michael Turner early and often. The Giants' defense is not very good against the run, so expect Turner to have a nice day.

They will also want to establish Turner so that Eli Manning stays on the sideline. I don't like Eli, mainly because of how much I hate Peyton, but he is playing really well right now. He will make them pay if they give him a bunch of chances.

Of course I will be cheering for the Falcons because they have JULIOOOOOOOO. I am interested to hear who everyone else will be cheering for. Let me know in the comments. I am also going to add a poll to the post here asking who you think will win. Let's see how smart we are as a community. I am picking the Falcons in a close one.

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