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The Puzzling Fascination with Jeff Fisher Update

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There are probably some of you out there who couldn't care less about Jeff Fisher and where he ends up coaching next year. I pretty much fall into that camp, but I cannot help but be fascinated by all of the attention he is getting. Sure, there are a lot of things he does well as a football coach, but he is getting wooed by NFL teams like he is the second coming of Vince Lombardi.

There is one report out there that Fisher is "on the verge" of taking the job in St. Louis. That report leads PFT to the pretty obvious conclusion that the Dolphins will make on last push to change his mind, because again, we are talking about a proven Super Bowl winning coach here, right?

John McClain said on 104.5 here in Nashville the other day that he would be really surprised if it were Miami. He has a pretty good relationship with Fisher, so my guess would be he knows a lot more behind the scenes than most people do.

The reason all of this really matter to us is because he is probably going to go after a couple of people from the Titans' staff for his own. The first would probably be Dowell Loggains. Keep in mind that Fisher said Loggains was going to call the plays in 2010 when Mike Heimerdinger was initially diagnosed with cancer. It never came to that because Dinger was a trooper, but that shows you how much respect Fisher has for Loggains (who is also drawing attention from the Bears according to Jim Wyatt).

There is also a reasonable chance that he could try and poach Dave McGinnis to be his defensive coordinator, and/or Alan Lowry for special teams. It would be interesting to see with Lowry. He has been with this organization for a very long time, but he was at the center of the deterioration of Fisher's relationship with Floyd Reese. The story is that Fisher went to Houston and convinced Bud Adams to keep Lowry after Reese had decided to fire him.

We should have a lot of these answers by this time next week.