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Mike Munchak on Fixing the Titans' Running Game

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Tennessee Titans' head coach Mike Munchak was on 104.5 yesterday. You can read a transcript of the full interview here. One answer that I really liked that he gave yesterday was about fixing the running game:

"It starts with the film study of us really evaluating what did go wrong when you watch the run plays all grouped together. … Is it a personnel problem? Is it a combination? Do we have to make changes personnel-wise? This is the time of year you figure that out. Is it time to make some changes up front? Is it time to make changes in the scheme? … What’s [Chris Johnson's] role in this? Are we doing too much stuff to where we need to concentrate on what he’s best at? … I think a lot of it is what happened with Chris not showing up until September. I think that’s a huge part of it. … We know he wasn’t in football shape."

There is no doubt that there was a lot of different things that were wrong with the running game in 2011. I really think Munch is smart enough to realize that there was a lot more to it than CJ missing camp.