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Mike Munchak Has to Talk to Raheem Morris, Right?

The Titans need a defensive backs coach, and it just so happens that an excellent defensive backs coach was just fired in Tampa. That guy is Raheem Morris. Mike Munchak has to at least make a call to Morris. There is no reason for him not too.

Morris was obviously over-matched as a head coach, but he oversaw some excellent defensive backfields in Tampa Bay. Sure, he had a lot of talent on those teams, but the pass defense went from 19th in 2006 to first in 2007 when Morris took over.

It was rumored yesterday that Morris was in Washington interviewing for the defensive backs coach spot up there. I have not been able to find any ties between Morris and anyone on this staff, but that doesn't mean that Munchak cannot make the call. He said on Wednesday that he is not going to hurry the hire, but I hope he will hurry up and at least bring Raheem in for an interview.