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Word of Muth Recaps the 2011 Titans Offensive Line

Ben Muth of Football Outsiders has an excellent recap of the 2011 Titans' offensive line. You should go over there and read the whole article. A few bullet points after the jump.

  • Muth obviously knows a lot more about offensive line play than I do, but I just cannot get on board with how easy he takes it on Leroy Harris and Eugene Amano; specifically this about Harris:
    His biggest fault is a tendency to commit penalties, some of which seem incredibly dumb. Obviously, penalties up front can kill a lot of drives, but I’d rather take a talented player with a slight discipline problem than a guy who can’t play.
    I think Harris is both a guy with a discipline problem and a guy who can't play.
  • He concludes that Jake Scott was the worst of the group. I have to agree, and again will say that he should not be re-signed under any circumstances.
  • Muth concludes the article with this:
    Really, if they can get a new inside guy (either a guard or center), they can shuffle some things around and get back to where they were a couple of years ago.
    He is a little more optimistic there than I am. I do think they could be a good offensive line if they got a nasty center in there and moved Amano back to guard, but they will be better with Amano at guard and Harris on the bench.