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Titans Fire Marcus Robertson and Curtis Fuller

The Titans have announced this afternoon that secondary coach Marcus Robertson and assistant secondary coach Curtis Fuller will not be back with the team next season. Here is a statement from Mike Munchak:

"I want to thank Marcus and Curtis for their time here. After meeting with the coordinators over the last couple of days, we decided to make this move today. Letting Marcus go was not an easy thing. He spent so many great years with this organization as a player, front office employee and a coach. I respect both men, but I wanted to move in a different direction for both of these spots. The interview process might take some time, but we will find the right fits for the secondary room moving forward."
This is not a huge surprise to me. I think Robertson would have been gone before the 2011 season had he not played for Jerry Gray when Gray was the secondary coach in the late 90s.