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NFL Coaching News: Jerry Gray To Interview in Tampa Today

Jim Wyatt tweeted late last night that Titans' defensive coordinator Jerry Gray is expected to interview for the head coaching job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today. I echo Wyatt's sentiment that I would be surprised if Gray gets the job.

Paul Kuharsky has a post this morning talking about what the Titans would do if Gray does get the job in Tampa. I agree that there is not an internal candidate that is good for the job.

In other coaching news, it appears that Jeff Fisher will either end up in St. Louis or Miami. St. Louis seems the more likely of the two though because Fisher would have input in hiring a GM since they do not have one right now.

There is also an outside chance that Fisher could end up in Tampa, but I don't think they will be willing to pay the money it would take to get Fisher.

The other hire that is of most interest to Titans' fans is the one Jacksonville is looking to make. It appears that they are really pursuing an offensive mind to help with Blaine Gabbert's development.