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MCM Postseason Awards: NFL MVP

The NFL will have their big award ceremony on Saturday night before the Super Bowl. I thought it would be interesting to throw a poll up for each category here at MCM to see who we thought deserved each award, and see how that stacks up against who actually wins.

I am going to try to provide at least four options for every category with the exception of NFL MVP. For most of the season it was a forgone conclusion that Aaron Rodgers was going to win the MVP. No one was paying much attention to the season the Drew Brees was putting together. Here are their numbers on the season:

Aaron Rodgers: 4643/45/6
Drew Brees: 5476/46/14

That is about as close as it gets. I am voting for Rodgers because he threw less than half of the interceptions that Brees threw on the season, but you really cannot go wrong with either one of these guys.