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Tennessee Titans Free Agents: Lavelle Hawkins and Donnie Avery

Since we are now officially in the Titans offseason, it is time to start looking at some of the moves they will and/or should make in free agency. This year free agency opens at 3 PM central on March 13th. That is a little bit later than under the old CBA, but I like that it starts in the afternoon instead of at midnight now.

We will start by looking at the free agents on the Titans' roster by group. Tonight we are looking at the receivers. Lavelle Hawkins had his best year with the Titans. There was a point in the season where I wished the Titans would just go ahead and cut him because he couldn't seem to figure out the offense, but he came on as the season went along.

I wouldn't mind seeing The Hawk back on a 1-year deal with the idea that he will have to earn a spot in camp.

Donnie Avery was invisible until the last game of the season. The only way they are going to bring him back would be on a 1-year minimum deal, and they probably won't even end up doing that. I was excited about him when they brought him in, but it is pretty clear that he isn't the same guy he was before the injury.