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Kenny Britt Is Ahead of Schedule

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His court dates may keep getting postponed, but Kenny Britt is expected to return for the 2012 season opener against whoever that may be. The Tennessean had a really good article on the Titans star receiver which basically covered everything from the ACL injury itself to the respective seasons Nate Washington and Damian Williams had without Britt.

Mike Munchak had this to say about Britt:

But we have to assume he’ll be back, healthy and ready to go for training camp, and cross our fingers and hope he can make it through the whole season.

The key there is hoping he makes it through a whole season. I really hope the FO goes out and gets another playmaking wide receiver either through Free Agency or the draft. My dude Marvin McNutt would be a good option in the 2nd or 3rd round.

We also have to be concerned with Kenny Britt staying out of trouble this offseason as well, but I think him rehabbing in Nashville will continue to do wonders. Munchak stated yesterday:

any player -- Kenny Britt or anyone -- who gets into offseason issues will face consequences from team.

I like how he specifically mentions KB, but like I said, I think this will be a good offseason for Kenny and I expect him to come back strong with a great season.