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What Does MCM Want?

There are approximately three and a half months between today, Sunday January 29th, and the start of 2012 OTAs. As you all know, MCM doesn't end with the Titans' season, this is an around-the-clock operation. Now while we're definitely going to dish about the draft and the current state of things here with the team, I know for a fact that there are a good number of commenters and lurkers (yes, lurkers, we love you too) who have good ideas for posts. I know this because I've already received a good idea via email from one of the regulars, so what I'm offering here is a space for you to strut your stuff and show off those good ideas of yours.

Note that these don't necessarily have to be 100% on topic, per se, but we would like to keep it within the ballpark, so no, I won't be discussing brain surgery or politics with you, but that shouldn't keep you from suggesting something maybe a little different from your standard roster/draft talk. For example, Battle Red Blog (definitely one of the better SBN sites out there, much respect) did a similar post in which one of the commenters suggested in-depth reviews of classic power-ballads. Stuff like that probably wouldn't become a weekly feature, but to change the tone every once in awhile might be fun, much akin to the Saturday Night Discussions that we had in the last offseason.

Yeah, I'm shamelessly pandering to the readers, but isn't that kind of the point? You're supposed to enjoy reading this site, we want to help you do that, so tell us what you want and we'll get to work seeing if it would be a good fit. Final disclaimer: please don't take it personally if your suggestion doesn't make it, while there are certain times where we like to get off-topic, this is a football site and we'd like to keep it that way. In addition, there's also some stuff that I already know I want to get to and there just aren't enough hours in the day to finish what I've got planned and incorporate everybody's ideas.

That being said, let's here it, I can promise I'll do my very best to give the people what they want.