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2012 Senior Bowl Recap

The 2012 Senior Bowl is now in the books. Some of the guys who there had been a lot of buzz about this week had big games. Joe Adams, the receiver from Arkansas, was one guy that a lot of people were saying they came away from the practices impressed with. He kept up his solid play in the game with six catches for 116 yards.

Juron Criner, who at one point was linked to the Titans with the 20th pick in a mock draft, also had a big day. He had six catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. Both of those guys helped their stock this week. They probably still are not first round picks, but they are in better shape than they were this time last week.

It was also a big day for interceptions. There were four picks in the game. Two of them were form guys we had talked about throughout the week in Jamell Fleming and Casey Hayward.

You can see the full box score here.