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2012 Senior Bowl and Iowa WR Marvin McNutt

When Iowa Hawkeyes Wide Receiver, Marvin McNutt switched from quarterback entering his sophomore year, it may have been the best decision he had ever made. That season he had 34 receptions for 674 yards and 8 touchdown passes, including a huge one as time expired against Michigan State, seen here. I had made the road-trip for this game and it was pure awesomeness!

Anyways, McNutt built off his first season as a wide receiver with a good junior and outstanding senior season. His stats are as follows:

Junior Year: 53 rec, 861 yds, 8 TD's

Senior Year: 82 rec, 1315 yds, 12 TD's

The yardage and touchdown totals he racked up during his time at Iowa were both school records seen here. I was at that game too.

McNutt has been straight up balling in senior bowl practices, here's what Profootballscout had to say:

Marvin McNutt's stock rose considerably after Tuesday's practice as he showed off his versatility as a wide receiver. McNutt showed an ability to get off the line and beat press coverage as well as run precise routes. His big, strong hands effortlessly plucked nearly every throw out of the air and he was quick enough to juke opposing cornerbacks.

I would love nothing more for Marvin to be drafted by the Titans but I am no longer so sure he will last until the 3rd round, if the Titans do see him as a good fit, they may have to get crafty on draft day if they want him. In my opinion, he would be a great addition to this team as he is a human highlight reel.