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2012 Senior Bowl Report: Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia

Brandon Boykin is another guy that has been having a good week at the Senior Bowl. He won't be a first round pick, but is a guy that has a chance to develop into a good corner. He could be a good option for the Titans in the second round when they are looking for someone to come in and compete for the nickel spot.

Here is what the guys at NE Patriots draft had to say about his work from yesterday:

Brandon Boykin, CB out of Georgia has had a great week down here. He’s been a poor man’s Janoris Jenkins. He gets really physical at the line of scrimmage and has really excelled against some of the bigger WRs down here like Dwight Jones and Jeff Fuller.

Wes Bunting also had good things to say about Boykin:

Boykin was again physical off the line today, smooth when asked to re-direct and much more balanced breaking down and closing on the football. He was really able to do a number on North Carolina WR Dwight Jones off the line, re-routing him out of a play before breaking up the pass.

Boykin is also a dynamic kick returner. It would be nice to bring someone in to compete with Marc Mariani for that spot. I know Mariani was very good in his rookie season, but I would love to see the Titans have someone back there who could create something instead of someone who can only use what is provided by his blockers.

You can see an interview with him from NE Patriots draft at the Senior Bowl after the jump.