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Grading the 2011 Tennessee Titans: Secondary

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The Titans' secondary was the strength of the defense in 2011. Jason McCourty has come on as a really solid corner. None of us thought that was possible when he was getting torched by Tom Brady and company in the snow in New England a couple of years ago, but he is a quality starter in the NFL now.

Cortland Finnegan had a bounce back year in 2011. He did not play that well in 2010 after he was threatened with a suspension because of all of his after the whistle antics. I was worried that he would not be able to play well without that edge, but he did in 2011. It is unfortunate that he will probably not be with the team in 2012, but someone is going to overpay for him.

Alterraun Verner also played very well in his second year. That is why they feel like they can let Finnegan walk away. McCourty and Verner make a solid, but not spectacular pair of corners.

The safeties were not as good. Michael Griffin has just been a disappointment. He has really good skills, but for whatever reason, he just cannot get his head straight on the field. He will be moving on to another team. There is still the chance he can be a really good player.

Chris Hope was better this year when he was healthy. My guess is that he will end up retiring before very long.

I would like to see them bring Jordan Babineaux back. He played pretty well when he was out there, and he would be even better if they can add a really good safety to play next to him *cough* Mark Barron *cough*.

Grade: B-