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Senior Bowl Monday Practice: Tough Day for Alfonzo Dennard

Allfonzo Dennard is a guy that could be on the Titans radar at #20. They will need another corner if Cortland Finnegan is not re-signed, and Dennard is the third best corner in this draft according to most people. He apparently had a rough first day of practice. Here is what Wes Bunting of NFP had to say about him:

I came away unimpressed with Nebraska CB Alfonzo Dennard. He’s a compact kid who displays some natural click and close ability. However, he allows his cushion to be eaten up far too much in his drop and lacks much of a burst/second gear when asked to turn and run. He’s a guy who opposing receivers were able to routinely outpace today as he didn’t demonstrate the type of speed needed to run out of his transition vertically.

Then there is this from Scott Wright of Draft Countdown:

It’s difficult to imagine anyone struggling more than Nebraska CB Alfonso Dennard today. Dennard is fine when he gets his hands on the receiver and keeps the action in front of him. However, when Dennard was forced to turn and run it got ugly, with wideouts flying right by the Cornhusker cover guy much like South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffery in the Capital One Bowl....

That doesn't sound like a guy that should come off the board in the first round. Of course it is early in the week, so Dennard will have the chance to bounce back over the next couple of days.