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2012 NFL Draft: The Senior Bowl Starts Today

This week is the annual Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Obviously a lot of the guys who will go in the first round won't be there because they are underclassmen, but there are still a lot of guys down there who can really help their stock with a big week.

As Titans fans, Melvin Ingram is a guy to look for updates on. I have seen him going everywhere from the top 15 to the second round in mock drafts so far. Defensive end is a huge need for the Titans, and he is a guy that will definitely be on their radar.

A few quick hits:
  • Mocking the Draft has five players who could break out this week. Of the most interest to the Titans on that list would be Jamell Fleming. They will need a corner if Cortland Finnegan ends up elsewhere, although they might not want to take one from Oklahoma. That didn't work out so well last time.
  • If you are on Twitter, first of all you should be following @TitansMCM because it is the best Twitter feed ever. You should also follow @WesBunting and @nfldraftscout for the best Senior Bowl/draft analysis.