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Giants vs. 49ers NFC Championship Open Game Thread

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This is the more intriguing game of the day. The 49ers keep winning when no one gives them a chance. They have done it all year, and they look like a really tough out, especially at home.

The Giants were up and down all year. It took them until the last weekend of the regular season to clinch a playoff spot, but they are playing really well right now.

Last week I would have been fully in the Giants camp because of how well Eli Manning is playing right now, and the fact that Alex Smith is the 49ers quarterback, but Smith was fantastic at the end of the game last week. Of course it helped that Gregg Williams decided to keep blitzing and not double Vernon Davis, but Smith still played well when it mattered the most.

All of that being said, my money is still on Eli in this game today.

Discuss the game below.