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Grading the 2011 Tennessee Titans: Defensive Line

This is a good news, bad news type of post. The good news is that their were two guys who played really well on the defensive line this year, and they were both rookies. Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug were two of the best players on the defense. That is a solid foundation in the middle to build around.

The bad news was the defensive ends were highly disappointing. We were so pumped about Jason Jones moving to end, but it did not end up being a good move. He was only able to manage 3 sacks on the season.

Derrick Morgan was even worse. He was only able to come up with 2.5 sacks on the season, but he at least showed some signs of turning it around at the end of the year. Next season is a huge one for him.

One of the biggest things the Titans need to upgrade in the offseason is their pass rush. That starts with getting better at defensive end.

The grade here would be an F if not for the play of Casey and Klug. Their play bumps it up just a bit.

Grade: D