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Last Night's MCM Radio

Last night August and I talked about a variety of things. We started off talking about Jeff Fisher trying to steal all kinds of people from the Titans' organization. So far the Titans have been vigilant in making sure they keep the group together. We discussed anyone else he might come after.

We spent a good amount of time talking about the ridiculousness that was the PFF All AFC South team. The most shocking thing to me is that NewsToTom confirmed that Leroy Harris was only called for five penalties last season. It sure felt like a lot more, and it convinced me that next year I am going to keep a log of all of the penalties that are called. Someone remind me of that when the season rolls around.

This was our last Thursday night show. We are moving to Monday at 9 central starting this next week. We will transition into free agency and draft mode over the next couple of weeks.

Last night's episode is posted after the jump.

MCM Radio 1/19/2012

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