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The Polians Are Out in Indianapolis; Is Jeff Fisher the Colts' Next Coach?

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So the news is all over the place that the Polian family is out in Indianapolis. There has not been anything official on the fate of Jim Caldwell yet, but it has to just be a matter of time before he is relieved of his duties. That means they will be looking for a new GM and a new coach. Could Jeff Fisher get both titles from the Colts?

Fisher said last week that the most important thing for him in evaluating a new job would be the general manager and quarterback in that order. While it is still amazing to me that Fisher seems to be able to name his job, it appears that he can.

Now that there is an opening at both positions in Indianapolis, don't be surprised if they hire Fisher to both positions, or if they hire him and let him hire his own general manager. I hope they give him both of those jobs because it won't end well if they do.