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MCM Radio Tonight At 9:00 CST


Is it that time again? Hells yeah it's that time again. Join us tonight at 9:00 CST for another riveting edition of MCM Radio, wherein Jimmy and I will catalog the many tremendous accomplishments of Leroy Harris and Michael Griffin... or maybe not so much. We'll also cover the changes to the front office, coaching moves by the Titans and pertinent news from around the rest of the AFC South. If there's any time left, we may also dip our toes in some draft talk and the conference championship games taking place this weekend.

You can listen live and join in the chat room shenanigans by clicking on the graphic, or here. If you can't make it tonight you can always listen to the show later via iTunes or BTR Radio. Also, if we run over the allotted time, you can hear the bonus talk on the archived editions, even if the live feed drops off.