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Indianapolis Colts Granted Permission To Interview Titans Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray

The #Titans have granted the Colts permission to talk to defensive coordinator Jerry Gray about their head coaching job, sources say
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Just a day after the Colts fired Jim Caldwell, Jim Wyatt is reporting that they've reached out to interview Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray. Now, we have no idea if this is a serious interview, of if Irsay is trying to satisfy the Rooney Rule. Gray has already interviewed, and been passed on, by the Tampa Bay Bucs this offseason. My hope (for our sake) is that Gray isn't a leading candidate in Indianapolis.

It would be a pretty shocking turnaround of a career for Gray to go from collegiate secondary coach to NFL head coach in less than 16 months, but the NFL is a weird place where momentum is everything. Either way, it's a compliment to Gray, even if it is a ‘token' interview.

We'll update you as soon as we hear anything else, but if you want the real scoop on what's going on with the Colts, I guess you should follow Rob Lowe on Twitter.