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Grading the 2011 Tennessee Titans: Wide Receivers

The wide receivers had an interesting year. Everyone knew this was not a very good group without Kenny Britt on the field. They played well at times, but outside of Nate Washington, they were the most inconsistent group on the roster.

Speaking of Washington, he atoned for anything he has ever done wrong with the Titans by the way he played this year. He caught everything that was thrown his way, and he battled through an injury for the last month of the season.

Damian Williams took one step forward and one step backward all year long. He looks like a guy who has the chance to be a pretty good possession receiver with a fairly low ceiling.

Lavelle Hawkins looked lost for the first ten weeks of the season, but he did get better as the season went along. He is a decent fourth receiver. The same thing can apparently be said for Donnie Avery.

Obviously the key for this group in 2012 is the health of Kenny Britt. The good news with him is that the ACL injury came so early in the season that he should be close to 100% when the '12 season kicks off.

This group would get an A because they did end the season playing well, but the grade has to be down a little bit because of the inconsistency.

Grade: B