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Promotions for Everyone In Titans Front Office

The Titans have given pretty much everyone in the front office a promotion. This is presumably to make sure that no one goes to St. Louis to join Jeff Fisher. Mike Reinfeldt has been promoted from GM to COO. He takes the spot that was vacated last summer when Steve Underwood retired.

Ruston Webster moves from director of player personnel to general manager. Lake Dawson, who was considered a favorite to be the Rams GM with Fisher, moves from vice president of football operations to vice president of player personnel. You would assumed that all three guys got a nice bump in pay to go along with their new titles.

Comments on the moves from Bud Adams after the jump.

"Mike has done a nice job for us as our general manager, but I believe we need someone in place who oversees the entire franchise there in Nashville," Titans owner Bud Adams said. "Mike is uniquely qualified for that position with his previous experience. Our VP’s have done an outstanding job over the past couple of years managing their departments, but this will streamline things to have someone on site to direct the entire organization and who will execute things the way I want them done.

"With this shuffle, we really have the best of both worlds – as you might remember our final two candidates when we were filling the general manager position five years ago were Mike and Ruston Webster. We now have both of them working for us and Ruston will take over the general manager role."

There will be a press conference at 3:30 to announce the moves.