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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Titans and Nick Perry, DE, USC

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This is the second mock draft I have seen in a week that has the Titans taking Nick Perry with the 20th pick. This time it is SB Nation who thinks that is the way they go:

20. Tennessee Titans, Nick Perry, DE, USC

Tennessee is another team in desperate need of pass rushers. They picked up just 28 sacks in 2011, second-lowest total in the league. Perry's stock took a tumble after his 2011 season, but he still possesses the fundamental ability desirable among pass rushers.

There will be a lot of time to gather information about Perry between now and the draft, but here is what Lane Kiffin had to say about Perry when it was announced he was going pro:
"We counseled Nick throughout his decision-making process and we stand behind him on this decision. His career progression at USC continued climbing to a point where he was ready to make the jump to the NFL. He was an awesome pass rushing for us and he created havoc throughout the Pac-12 this year in a league that featured many of the nation's most dangerous passing offenses. He will be a valued addition to any NFL team and should be an attractive choice in the upcoming draft.