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Report Jeff Fisher to Make $7 Million A Year

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This Jeff Fisher thing is truly amazing. There is a report out there this morning that Fisher is going to get a 5-year contract worth $35 million. In case you are not very good at math, that means that Fisher will be making $7 million a year. That puts him behind Bill Belichick, who makes $7.5 million a year, and tied with Mike Shanahan at $7 million.

Keep in mind that Belichick and Shanahan have a combined 5 Super Bowl rings. Jeff Fisher has none, and it literally took a miracle to get him to his only Super Bowl. Good luck with that St. Louis.

It also appears that the move for Gregg Williams from New Orleans to St. Louis is all but official. That is obviously a good move for Fisher, but if you are a Rams fan you are much more concerned with who he brings in as offensive coordinator. Fisher has shown in the past that he will let his defensive coordinators do what they want. Williams will blitz early and often.

Most of his offensive coordinators did the same thing here, so you have to believe that Fisher had a heavy influence in that (with the exception being Mike Heimerdinger with Steve McNair). Maybe he will let his OC free with Sam Bradford at QB, but I will believe it when I see it.