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Recapping Saturday's Divisional Round Games

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That Saints and 49ers games is one of the most exciting games I have watched in a long time. It is pretty amazing that the 49ers, who pride themselves on running the ball and playing defense, won in a shootout. If the reports are true about Gregg Willaims joining Jeff Fisher in St. Louis, Williams will have to remember his last game as one where he gave up 36 points to a team quarterbacked by Alex Smith. That should make it hard to sleep at night.

I am sad to see the Saints eliminated because I really enjoy watching Drew Brees play, and it would have been really fun to see him and Aaron Rodgers play against each other again.

The other game was over almost before you could change the channel to watch it. Tim Tebow followed up his "miraculous" performance against the Steelers last week with a 9 for 26 effort against the Patriots. Again, Tebow is not an NFL quarterback.