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Broncos vs. Patriots Open Game Thread

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As I said the last time these two teams played, if the Broncos win the internet will be broken. Last week, Tim Tebow almost broke Twitter when there were 900 million tweets per second* after the 80-yard game winning touchdown pass. That number will double if the Broncos can pull off the upset today.

The only way that will happen is if Denver plays a perfect game. They were beating the Patriots in week 15 until they turned the ball over a couple of times and the Patriots opened up a big lead. There is no way they can score with the Patriots, so there best chance is to double up time of possession and keep Tom Brady off the field.

New England is a 13 1/2 point favorite tonight. That is a really high number for a divisional round game, but I don't expect them to have any trouble covering it.

Discuss the game below.

*Maybe not the actual number.