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Saints vs. 49ers Open Game Thread

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This is an intriguing game to me. The 49ers play a game that Jeff Fisher loves to watch. It has worked really well for this game because their defense is really good, and they have Frank Gore to grind it out on offense. It also helps that Alex Smith has become an excellent game manager.

Of course in this game they are facing one of the best offenses in the history of the NFL. Drew Brees is playing better than any other quarterback in the league right now, and that includes Aaron Rodgers.

So here we have your classic strength vs. strength match-up. In the old days that would mean San Francisco would win, but this is a new offensive era in the NFL. This game will be close in the first half, but New Orleans will pull away in the second half to win by 10-14 points. You can take that one to the bank.

Discuss the game below.