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Jeff Fisher Is The Next Coach Of The St. Louis Rams

After a pensive week of public contemplation, which induced much gnashing of teeth in St. Louis and Miami, Jeff Fisher has come down from the mountain to proclaim that he will take his talents to the foothills of Missouri. The first tweet I saw was from Peter King, so he gets my link.

The word running around now is that Fisher wanted to go to Miami, but owner Stephen Ross refused to take power away from GM Jeff Ireland. If that was the deciding factor, then it's probably the smartest move Ross has made this offseason. Ireland's results haven't been stellar, but letting Fisher run the personnel department is destined for disaster. Honestly, I think it's probably the best move for Fisher's future as well. The Rams have a good young QB, some talent scattered about the roster, a power RB, a draft pick that will be worth a fortune as long as RGIII doesn't tank his workouts. Plus, he's in a division you can occasionally win with an 8-8 record, as opposed to Miami, where he'd have to contend with the Patriots and Jets twice a year. What more could the guy want?

Now the question is, who's coming with him?

There's already word going around that Fisher could reach out to Dave McGinnis to be his DC, and we have to watch and see if he comes calling for Dowell Loggains and Alan Lowery. I doubt Munch lets any of those guys go laterally, but if Fisher offers a promotion he'll probably be able to get them. If it's anyone other than McGinnis, I won't be happy about it.

Now, I'm hoping this works out for Fisher, and maybe our two teams meet in the Super Bowl so we can exorcise some demons. Congrats to Rams fans for winning the press conference. Now I'd advise you to stock up on Rolaids and watch the roller coaster begin.