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MCM Radio Tonight 9:00 CST


Jimmy and I will record another live edition of MCM Radio tonight at 9:00 CST, and you won't want to miss this one. We'll weigh in on subjects like Jeff Fisher's landing spot (and by that I mean the landing pad for the helicopter he could easily buy with all of that Dolphins money he's about to make), who'll be back on offense and who won't, maybe a smattering of draft talk and thoughts on the NFL at large.

Nashville is currently buried under a vicious winter assault of snow that melts before it hits the ground, so the stores will be sold out milk and bread well before the show starts. Plus, it's finally cold outside. So stay in, stay warm and lets all see if Pratt makes it into the chatroom again. You can join us by clicking on the graphic above, and the show will be available for download via iTunes after we finish.