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Colts Hire Ryan Grigson As General Manager

The Indianapolis Colts have hired Ryan Grigson as their GM. He has been the Philadelphia Eagles organization since 2004. He started out as a scout but was most recently director of player personnel.

The interesting thing to watch now will be what happens with Jim Caldwell. There are apparently no connections between Grigson and Caldwell, so you have to figure that it is only a matter of time before Caldwell gets canned.

It will be interesting to see if Jeff Fisher jumps in the mix if/when Caldwell is out. There were a lot of rumors out there that Fisher was interested in the Indianapolis job, and he still has not made a decision on where he is going to go next season. I am not aware of any ties that he has to Grigson, but they both have ties to Andy Reid.

I doubt anything happens there, but nothing is certain until Fisher has signed somewhere.