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Blogging the Boys Weighs in on Brett Maxie

Jim Wyatt broke the news last night that the Titans have requested permission to talk to Brett Maxie of the Dallas Cowboys. Maxie was apparently only in charge of the safeties in Dallas, not the whole defensive backfield. I asked Dave Halprin of the Blogging the Boys for his thoughts on Maxie:

I don't have much on Maxie, he's been in the shadow of Dave Campo with responsibilities only for the safeties. The Cowboys let Campo go a few days ago and already hired a new secondary coach, but the word is they would like to keep Maxie if he wanted to stay. Our safeties used to be dreadful, but have been a little better recently. As a whole, though, our secondary has been sub-par. People think Maxie is respected by the players, and attribute a good work ethic to him, but the fact they didn't promote him to overall coach of the secondary is curious if they thought that much of him.

I might be wrong, but that doesn't sound like an upgrade.