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Titans 23 Texans 22: Grading the Defense

The run defense has been just terrible all year long and today it was no different. The play that angered me most was after the Titans took a 3 point lead, the Texans ran for 56 yards on 1 play well into Titans territory. Also, after the Ahmard Hall fumble, the Texans were down to the 15 yard line after one passing play from a "washed up" Jake Delhomme. I may or may not have lol'd on the two-point conversion snap that went over Delhomme's head.

Jake Delhomme threw for 211 yards completing 18 of 28 attempts with one touchdown. Jason McCourty made a few nice plays to bat down passes, but that will happen when the quarterback stares down the receiver.

Grade: C

As previously mentioned, the run defense was horrid today. Ben Tate and Derrick Ward ran for a combined 147 yards crossing the goal line just once. However, Tate's 56 yard scamper brought back shades of the Colts game as we had him stopped in the backfield, but missed tackles (looking at you Michael Griffin) allowed him to run a long way.

Grade: D