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Titans 23 Texans 22: Grading the Offense

Anyone's heart stop beating there? Yea me too. The Titans looked decent on offense today; Hasselbeck did the best he could with some horrible play-calling from Chris Palmer. It was good to see Donnie Avery make some plays today and I have to give some credit to him for making a great catch in the corner of the endzone. I think it can go without saying Nate Washington has been a big reason why we reached 9 wins this season, another great catch on a lob from Matt.

Speaking of, Hasselbeck completed 22 of 35 passes for 297 yards and 2 touchdowns. I really liked how they came out firing to start the game and Hasselbeck made the plays he needed to to win the game.

Grade: B+

Chris Johnson rushed for 61 yards on 15 carries. It appeared he might go over the 100 yard mark because he had 52 yards at the half. Jamie Harper picked up a key first down late in the game only to have it immediately forgotten after the fumble by Ahmard Hall. I have no idea why Hall was carrying the ball that late in the game as he has proven before he has a history of fumbling in key situations.

Grade: C