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Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck to Wear Special 9/11 Cleats Sunday

Yesterday Matt Hasselbeck tweeted out two pictures, you can see them after the jump, of cleats that Reebok sent him to wear this Sunday on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. There are sure to be a lot of things planned around the league to commemorate the anniversary, and I think it is cool that Reebok produced the cleats.

There was some question yesterday about whether or not Hasselbeck would be able to wear the cleats in the game because of the NFL's strict rules on uniforms, but they announced earlier today that they will allow players to wear gear this weekend in tribute. That was a smart move because saying no would have been a PR nightmare.

Jim Wyatt later tweeted that Hasselbeck will indeed wear the shoes in the game, and that after the game he will donate the shoes to team red, white and blue which is an organization that helps wounded vets and their families.