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Packers 42 Saints 34: The Perfect Way to Open the NFL Season

I don't usually spend a lot of time commenting on games that don't involve the Titans or a team in the AFC South, but that game last night was so much fun to watch. I was once a guy who preferred defensive struggles. Not 100% sure why that is, but I think it comes from being raised an Alabama fan and playing high school football at a place that didn't discover the forward pass until my senior year. Watching that game last night, however, I realized that games are a whole lot more fun when they are shoot-outs.

It does hurt a little when you watch Aaron Rodgers out there and realize that he was still on the board when the Titans took Adam Jones. I realize 23 other teams passes on Rodgers, and heck the 49ers took Alex Smith, but man it is tough not to just think for a second how good the Titans would be with that guy under center.

The way I make myself feel better about it is to think that Aaron Rodgers wouldn't be the Aaron Rodgers he is today because Jeff Fisher would have had him hand the ball off 35 times a game. It is the same reasoning I use when thinking about Kevin Dyson over Randy Moss.

Another thing that you have to notice about those two teams is all of the offensive weapons. Both of those teams have more good receivers currently on their team than the Titans have had in the last decade. Now you can get into a chicken or the egg argument here about if it is the quarterbacks that make the receivers that good or that they are just that good, but the fact remains that both of those teams are loaded with talent outside. I hope the Titans really invest in some dynamic playmakers outside in the next couple of years.


So, like I said, that was the perfect way to kickoff the NFL season. It made me pumped about the Titans game at Jacksonville this weekend- even if there probably won't be as many points scored in the whole game as their were in the first quarter last night.