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Fantasy Football Week 1 Picks

I almost missed this one! Here we go with the weekly picks of who you should and shouldn't start. My picks this week are... (gulp)

QB Starters


Aaron Rodgers - Packers    

Always a dangerous QB, he should be in a shoot out with Drew Brees tonight, who I also say to start.


Drew Brees - Saints

One of the best QBs in the league, Brees faces a tough secondary tonight in the Green Bay Packers. Brees is patient and has some fast receivers so he should still deliver just fine for you.


Matt Schaub - Texans

This guy might just blow up the Colts this week. The Colts have just lost Manning, possibly for the season, and with Collins at QB, I expect their defense to see the field a lot. Expect Schaub to tear a tired defense to shreds this week. START HIM.


Colt McCoy - Browns

He's playing the Bengals this week and I truly have no faith in their defense. McCoy may not blow up on them, but I expect a decent showing, or at least enough of one to be worth the start. 


Matt Hasselbeck - Titans

Yup. I'm doing it. I think he'll put up decent numbers this game. Yes the Jaguars have vamped up their defense, but there offense could suffer greatly if MJD doesn't produce well. With that being said, Jaguars defense could have a long, tiring day ahead of them having to deal with the likes of Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt, and Jared Cook. If you're feeling lucky, start him.


Michael Vick - Eagles

I'm not exactly sure what this team is gonna look like going into this first week, but against the Rams defense, I don't really care. Vick showed a great improvement in accuracy this last year and is also one of the fastest QB's in the league. He should be able to put on a show, one way or another.


Kevin Kolb - Cardinals

I hate Kolb, lets get that straight right now, but he is facing a weak defense in the Panthers and has some pretty good receivers to work with in the likes of Fitzgerald and Heap. He should have a good showing, even if he is a overrated QB.


Matthew Stafford - Lions

He is playing against the Bucs this week, but I expect him to play with a lot of fire and passion after having to sit out so much his first two seasons due to injury. He's a great QB on what looks to be one of the new great teams. I say start him.


Phillip Rivers - Chargers

He should have fun with the bumbling Vikings. He should do nicely for you.


Tom Brady - Patriots

It's Tom Brady vs. the Dolphins, a team that will be one of the worst in the NFL this year. Start him.



QB Don'ts


Sam Bradford - Rams

I've heard others saying to start him. They're crazy. He's facing what I expect to be one of the most deadly defenses in the NFL this year. Asomugha, Rogers-Cromartie, and Samuels. The very though of it makes me cringe. Add in the defensive line featuring Jason Babin and Trent Coles being coached by none other than Jim Washburn, screw that. The Eagles may not be completely on the same page yet, but I'm not starting any young QB against that. Let Bradford sit this week.


Ben Roethlisberger - Steelers

Big Ben is going up against the Ravens this week. This should be the most physical game of the week and I don't expect the Ravens to let Ben have his way with him. Most weeks he should be worth the start, but I'd let him sit this one out if you can.


Tony Romo - Cowboys

Romo is going up against the always frightening Jets. Romo has an amazing supporting cast, but the Jets are one tough defense that should have Romo running for his life. Romo might not do bad, but you should temper your expectations for him this week.


Kyle Orton - Broncos

Let Orton sit this first week. We don't know what this new offense is really gonna look like or how Orton is gonna look without McDaniels. It also doesn't help that the Broncos were destroyed last year by the Raiders. Don't start Orton this week. 





Chris Johnson - Titans

Yes he has missed out on a lot of work with the team, but you can't sit this man. Screens, runs, and receiving in general make Johnson dangerous, putting him against the Jaguars puts worries to bed. Start him.


Adrian Peterson - Vikings

Another back you can never bench, Peterson might be the only bright spot in an otherwise dark game for the Vikings as they face off against the Chargers this week.


Maurice Jones-Drew - Jaguars

Another obvious start, Jones-Drew will probably see more carries this week after the release of the regular starting QB, David Garrard. The Titans will have quite the task on their hands this Sunday trying to keep Jones-Drew in check. I think they'll do a decent job, but Jones-Drew should still be good for at least one touchdown. Start him.


Peyton Hillis - Browns

People are saying all kinds of things about Hillis and frowning at him. I still love him. Browns are playing the Bengals this week. He should run right over the entire team. Start him.


Frank Gore - 49ers

He's up against the Seahawks this week. As long as he doesn't hurt himself, he should do a fine job of running over their defense and finding the endzone. Start him


Beanie Wells - Cardinals

I'm not a Wells fan, but he's got a decent matchup against the Panthers here. I say give him the start.


RB Don'ts


Ray Rice - Ravens

It's hard for any RB to put up good numbers against the Steelers defense. If you've got somebody on your bench that should have a decent week, let RR sit this one out. He's in for a brutal game... or at least as brutal as it can get with all these new rules.


LeGarrette Blount - Buccaneers

He's facing one of the toughest d-lines in the NFL and I don't think he can beat it. Blounts a good back, but he's not that good. Sit him if you can.




Kenny Britt - Titans

I don't see anyone on the Jaguars who should be capable of covering this man. He should come into this game in good health, and we all know how dangerous he is healthy. This is a no-brainer.


Andre Johnson - Texans

As always, start him.


Calvin Johnson - Lions

He's got his boy Stafford back and if Stafford stays healthy, they could be one of the deadliest duos in the NFL. Look for him in the endzone with a pocket full of yards Sunday. Start him.


Greg Jennings - Packers

Aaron Rodgers main guy should put up some good numbers this week. Watch for him to put off a long one to get in the endzone tonight. 


DeShawn Jackson - Eagles

Fast and healthy. Jackson puts up good numbers every time he touches the ball. Start him.


Chad Johnson - Patriots

Even if Johnson doesn't have a big season this year, he's playing against the Dolphins this week. Should be a solid start at your #2 or #3 WR position.


Vincent Jackson - Chargers

Another no-brainer. Physical beast against a weak Vikings secondary. Enjoy this week, he may earn a few of you a V in week 1.



WR Don'ts


Reggie Wayne - Colts

I don't know if it can get much worse in Indy. Kerry Collins is behind center for them and we'll see how long he makes it in the game before he turns the ball over. Wayne's fantasy value has taken a big hit after the Manning news today. Temper expectations.




Lance Kendricks - Rams

I'm going out on a limb on this one, especially against the Eagles defense. I think he might be the only target that is able to get open for Bradford Sunday. He might not blow up Sunday, but I think he should be a solid start at TE for you.


Owen Daniels - Texans

I expect fireworks from this guy on Sunday. I think he'll be back with a bang. If you like delicious fantasy points and have this man, start him.


Jermichael Finley - Packers

Rodgers is glad to have him back again and I'm sure he'll welcome him back with a fair share of passes. Feel good starting him.


Antonio Gate - Chargers

I don't even have to write this for you to know you should start him. This week he should be extra generous.




TE Don'ts


Jared Cook - Titans

He may very well break out this week, but I don't think so. Give him another week or so before starting him with confidence.


Jimmy Graham - Saints

I wouldn't wanna pass to him with the Packers linebackers out there. I think he'll be kept well under control tonight. Let him sit, if you can.


Mercedes Lewis - Jaguars

Feel free to let him warm your bench. I think Jerry Gray should have a game plan in store for the Jaguars that'll aim to keep Luke McCown uncomfortable and MJD under wraps. Sit him.











D/ST Don'ts









Sorry for the late post! I didn't realize the Packers/ Saints game was tonight. I pumped out this post as fast as possible for you lovely people. 


Good luck in week 1!!!