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BCC on Maurice Jones-Drew's Health and the Loss of Rashad Jennings

Maurice Jones-Drew was banged up some last season, and his health is a big determining factor in how good the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be this year. I asked Alfie Crow about MJD's health, and how big of a blow to the team the loss of Rashad Jennings is:

I do believe Jones-Drew is ready to carry the full load again, but I still have some concerns about his knee long term. He looked OK in the only preseason game he played. The loss of Jennings hurts a lot, however. Jennings was due for an increased roll to help extend the life span of Jones-Drew. Without Jennings, the team will have to go to a running back by committee back up situation. Jennings was so valuable because he was a jack of all trades, whereas now the team has specialized backs.

I saw Jennings get picked in pretty much every fantasy draft I was in, so the thought was out there that he was going to see an increased workload this season. Deji Karim is the guy to keep an eye on now. He was a sixth round pick out of Oklahoma State and put up some big numbers in college.

For the Titans, this game is going to come down whether or not they can stop MJD.