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Don Banks Is High on Jake Locker

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I know this was talked about in the comments, but I thought it deserved a post of it's own. Don Banks made his 20 bold NFL predictions yesterday, and he is a big fan of Jake Locker:

Before it's all said and done this season, Tennessee's Jake Locker will be considered the best of this year's rookie crop of quarterbacks, and he'll have better statistics and take part in more Titans victories to prove it. At some point in 2011, Tennessee will have to rely on Locker, and he'll come through in a bigger way than Cam Newton in Carolina, Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville, Christian Ponder in Minnesota, Andy Dalton in Cincinnati and Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco.

I suspect the only way Locker gets significant time this season is if Matt Hasselbeck goes down with an injury. I do feel pretty good about where Locker is at this point after watching him play in the preseason, and I think he would be ready if he is called upon this season.