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Big Cat Country on the Timing of David Garrard's Release

There had been rumors floating around that the Jacksonville Jaguars were going to release David Garrard. He was due to make $8 million this year, and he really hadn't lived up to the big contract he signed for a couple of years. The thing that was surprising about the release was the fact that it was done yesterday instead of over the weekend when it would have seemed to make a lot more sense.

I asked Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country why the Jags waited until yesterday to make the move:

I'm not sure why the team waited until yesterday to make the decision as opposed to Saturday. I thought there was a chance it could happen on Saturday, but when it didn't happen I put that thought to bed. There was a report that Garrard was horrible in practice Monday and threw 3 interceptions, so it could have just been the "I'm not doing this again" feeling coming to head.

I find it hard to believe that after 9 seasons with the team that anything he did or didn't do in practice on Monday made the decision.

Regardless of the reason, the timing is terrible and should be a benefit to the Titans on Sunday. It will be up to Mike Munchak's squad to take advantage.