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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: Chris Johnson Preparing At Ludicrous Speed, Headed For Plaid Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jake Locker says he's learning much more than just what to do on the field from Matt Hasselbeck, he's learning how to prepare and how to win the respect of the locker room. Here's the money quote that'll really make your heart swell:

"No matter who you are or where you are (drafted), you have to earn the respect of your teammates," Locker said. "I always have been a big believer in not saying a whole lot and taking care of business."

Tennessee_titans_30x21 CJ2K is keeping the focus on team-oriented goals now that his contract is settled. It certainly doesn't help that now he's got to get used to a new fullback opening holes for him, on top of a new offense and changes to the protection scheme from last year. Still, I have complete faith in his ability to get up to speed and gash the Jags just like we've come to expect. 
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Glennon has a great read on Chris Hawkins, who was the biggest surprise to make the 53-man roster:

"I was sitting in the room holding my Bible and praying about it," Hawkins said Monday, two days after making the team. "I actually did get a phone call and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is the call.’ But it was just the hotel calling to ask when I was leaving the hotel. I didn’t even want to answer it. I caught it on the last ring. It was right before that 5 o’clock (roster deadline) and I was thinking, ‘Ohhhh.’ "

Tennessee_titans_30x21 I may be the only person in the world following this story so consistently over the past two years, but former-Titans CB Cary Williams has gone from languishing on our practice squad in 2009 to winning the Week 1 starting spot for the Ravens. Williams was the 229th overall pick of the Titans coming out of Washburn University in 2008. He spent two years here bouncing between the practice squad and the active roster, where the coaches seemed to like him, but he just didn't make the plays he needed to make to stand out.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 I bet the Titans have their eye on some WR who's a free agent, but there's no way they sign anyone for this game. If you're on a roster for the week 1 game your contract for that year is guaranteed, but if we wait until after the Jacksonville game the team can bring someone in and keep the freedom to cut them later on if needed.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Boclair looks at the lingering questions hanging over the Titans as they head into the season opener.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Derrick Morgan is still a big question mark for the Jaguars game, but he's desperate to get out there and be 100%. AT least the good news is after his last knee scope back in August, he felt immediate relief in his injured knee.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Why read Peter King, when you can read the much funnier call-and-response breakdown of PK's MMQB column over at KSK:

This won’t be a mail-it-in Houston win if (Kerry) Collins has to go.

Yes it will.


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