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Fantasy Sleepers 2011

Watch for this one in the opener against the Jaguars...
Watch for this one in the opener against the Jaguars...

He we are! The last of the big three before your weekly fantasy updates begin. I'm looking into the depth charts here and putting up my choices for "Sleepers." I also list my top Titans to have on your fantasy football team.



Colt McCoy - Browns

McCoy looks to be a decent QB and has hopefully learned somethings from his first season and grown over the year. I'm not saying this guy is gonna beast it up, but I think he could be a decent QB for your team. If you haven't drafted already, you could spend your first picks on playmakers and get McCoy late in the draft. There are a couple others I'd probably choose before him though...


Sam Bradford - Rams

I don't know if I can technically call this guy a sleeper, but seems as he is not one of the "no-brainer" starters, I'll put him on here. Bradford proved last year that he deserved to be the first pick of the 2010 draft. He's a smart kid with a great arm. I expect Bradford to put up some solid numbers and be a pretty consistent QB this year. He's worth a risk. Stack your team with playmakers and pick Bradford up late in the draft (if you haven't drafted already), or he may even be available on the waiver wire, though that's not so likely.


Matthew Stafford - Lions

Another young impressive QB on the list. Stafford is a great passer. The only reason this guy isn't one of those QB's you take in the first three rounds is because of his injuries. This year he has to stay healthy, or he will obtain the terrible label, injury prone. This guy is a high risk, high reward pick if you have him slated as your starter. If you get him as a back up, he could pay off big time. If he stays healthy and you have him, he could be your starter or you could use him as some excellent trade bait in your league to vamp up your team. Either way, this guy is a nice one to have... just don't put all your eggs in his basket.


Josh Freeman - Buccaneers

Yup. Another one. This guy had a really solid season last year, posting 3,451 passing yards with 25 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. This is probably the guy I trust the most out of all the young ones I've suggested. It seems he should only improve upon those numbers in his third season. He should be a solid fantasy starter this year.


Rex Grossman - Redskins

Why not? The guy is the starting QB for the Redskins now. His history definitely puts some doubts about whether he'll worth anything close to decent, but he's also played for some talentless offenses. In Washington he has the likes of Santana Moss and Chris Cooley to work with, as well as an interesting pair of running backs in Ryan Torrain and Roy Helu, Jr. I wouldn't go as far as to draft him as my starter, but he might be worth putting on your bench, just in case he proves everyone wrong.


Kerry Collins - Colts

Ha ha ha




Marshawn Lynch - Seahawks

Seattle is just in a weird transitioning phase right now. They don't have a franchise QB and their receiving core is still a work in progress, though they did just add Sidney Rice. Lynch could see a lot of carries this season, and at the age of 25, Lynch should be in the prime of his career. He ended last season with a tremendous run for a touchdown against the Saints. Lynch could prove to be a very valuable sleeper this year. I own him in both my fantasy leagues.


Kendall Hunter - 49ers

When Frank Gore gets hurt, this guy could shine. He's had a pretty impressive preseason racking up 231 yards on 35 carries which comes out to a 6.6 yards average. Handcuffs are a part of fantasy football and when the number one back on a team has a impressive history of injuries, having his handcuff is like putting money in the bank. If you've got room on your bench, get this guy on it. He may pay dividends.


Roy Helu, Jr. - Redskins

This is the running back I was begging for the Titans to draft. This guy is a swift tank. Last year Ryan Torrain was the Redskins guy, and he should start out this season the same, but Helu has got a chance of claiming that spot for himself. I have this guy on one of my teams, but you could probably pick him up off the waiver wire with ease.





Golden Tate - Seahawks

This guy had a huge buzz surrounding him coming out of college but then failed to impress his first year. There were also rumors that he might be cut after this years camp. If you've checked out anything about the Seahawks last preseason game, you'll see that both the possible starting QB's were looking for this guy and he actually had a good game. I know it was against the Raiders, and I know it was just preseason, but that doesn't mean that it does not mean anything. I think he may very well be a factor in this years offense for the Seahawks and you shouldn't feel bad about having him on your bench. He may just surprise this year.


Damian Williams - Titans

Yes he had on off preseason. I saw. I also remember watching him snag every pass that was thrown his way last year. Perhaps it's the muscle weight he put on in the offseason or he's just still adjusting to the new playbook, but I still have faith in this guy. I don't expect huge numbers from him this year, but I expect him to be consistent, and consistency is nice in fantasy football. Justin Gage was also released (FINALLY) which opens the door for Williams to prove himself. Williams can easily be picked up off the waiver wire.


Antonio Brown - Steelers

This guy is fast. Hines Ward will probably see a diminishing role in the Steelers offense and Brown should capitalize on the lack of attention being paid to him. He's had an impressive preseason. If you've got room and are looking for a decent receiver who could have some big games, look for this guy.


Steve Smith - Eagles

This is another big player who seems to be flying under the radar. Smith is coming off of a serious injury and should not be expected to do big things, but later in the season could blossom into a decent starter. The Eagles offense is loaded with so many playmakers, Smiths bound to get the lightest coverage he's gotten in a while. Once he gets back to full health, he might be nice to have on your roster somewhere.




Tony Moeaki - Chiefs

Tony tore his ACL in the last preseason game. He could have had a great year. Sad panda.


Owen Daniels - Texans

I still don't hear anyone really talking about this guy so I'm putting him on the sleeper list. This guy will do you wonders and if you still haven't drafted, you could probably pick him up in the later rounds. 


Jared Cook - Titans

If you went through a fantasy draft, didn't take Cook, and are on this site, leave. Cookie is gonna beast it up this season. He'll be Hasselbeck's safety valve to say the least. He's our big receiving TE and he'll finally get his chance to showcase his talents this year. If you haven't drafted him, he may still be in your free agency. Pick him up.


Lance Kendricks - Rams

Haven't heard of him? I haven't really either, but apparently he's been doing pretty well for the Rams this preseason. The Rams have question marks all over their receiving core and we'll have to wait till the actual season starts to see how that pans out, but anyone with promise and Bradford behind them has the possibility to be dangerous. If you're looking for a back up TE or possibly a starter, I'm pretty sure this guy should be out on your waiver list. Don't be afraid to at least put him on your bench.









Titans to Have On Your Team


QB Matt Hasselbeck - Not really worth starting, I don't think, but he may pass for a bye week replacement. I think he's posed for a decent year.


RB Chris Johnson - Duh 


WR Kenny Britt - One of the NFL's most dangerous receivers, if Kenny stays healthy this year he could be posed to break 1,000 receiving for the first time in his career, and the first time for a Titan since 2004 (Bennett, Mason).


WR Damian Williams - He could turn into a solid, consistent WR for us.


WR Nate Washington - In the past couple years, Washington has either been hot or cold, and never much in between. Expect the same this year.


TE Jared Cook - Cookie is about to become the Cookie Monster. You best have this man.


D/ST - We're gonna be a surprise... I'd promise if I could, but I can't. If we're healthy this season, we could be a force to be reckoned with. We've got some really great talent on this side of the ball and a new defensive coordinator who will be looking to capitalize on it. I'm excited for it.


K Rob Bironas- He is awesome... even if he had a couple issues during preseason. Forgive, forget, or blame the lockout.