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Who Had the Best Performance of the Preseason?

The Titans wrapped up the preseason last Thursday night in New Orleans. There wasn't much to that game because neither team played many of their starters, and the starters that did play were out before the middle of the first quarter. It was a winning end to what has to be considered a successful preseason. The record, 3-1, doesn't matter as much as the fact that the team looked to have fixed a lot of the problems that ailed them last season.

I am putting up a poll for you to answer who had the best preseason. The poll only consist of rookie options, which I think bodes well for the Titans in the future.

Jamie Harper improved each trip out.

Karl Klug proved to be a nightmare for people to block inside.

Tommie Campbell just kept making plays and got a chance to show off the speed that caught the eye of the Titans front office at the combine.