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Tennessee Titans Trade For FB Quinn Johnson, FB Ahmard Hall Suspended For PEDs

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Fullback Ahmard Hall has been suspended for four games for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances, according to John Glennon. Hall says that he used a stimulant in February to stay awake for a long drive.  Two appeals did not work.

From Hall:

"It’s definitely frustrating. I know the team counts on me a lot and I’m a leader in the locker room. I play a big part in what we do.When you get suspended for the four games, people are going to say you take steroids and I’ve never taken steroids in my life."

Apparently the Titans have known about a possible suspension for Hall for a little while, so they were already looking for possible replacements. They chose to trade an undisclosed draft pick for Quinn Johnson, a two year veteran who started four times last year with Green Bay. From Mike Reinfeldt:

"As for Ahmard, we have known that a suspension was a possibility for some time and we have used the preseason to identify players that would fit the mold of what we needed if Ahmard had to miss games," Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said. "Johnson is a traditional, downhill, blocking fullback who we think will fill that need. He is a former fifth round pick, who has done a nice job over the last two years for Green Bay."

Quinn Johnson

Fullback / Tennessee Titans



Sep 30, 1986


Hall has been very consistent since he came into the league with the Titans, so this seems to be a big blow, especially for Chris Johnson, who's going to need some better than usual blocking early in the season. Hall's a leader on this team, and it's really disheartening to see a guy who has put so much heart in what he does, including serving our country, get in trouble.